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Company Profile

The inception of Adventure Solutions has been "a dream come true" for its owners. An overwhelming passion for adventure and the outdoors combined with the development of self has been the primary driving force behind Adventure Solutions' successes.

Adventure Solutions is a closed corporation registered as Loko Adventure Solutions CC 2008/075/363/23. When we are not in the mountains, our office is located in Equestria, Pretoria, South Africa. Adventure Solutions consists of two members (William Graham & Philip van Niekerk). Both members are actively involved in the management and development of the business. Adventure Solutions is primarily involved in the outdoor-adventure education for youth groups (school, church & NGO's), adventure tourism, human resource development industries as well as supplier of school and group campsites.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe our first responsibility is to enrich the lives of the clients who use our services.
  • We are dedicated to provide experiential, educational and developmental interventions of the highest quality.
  • We are committed to ensure lasting positive change through combining experience and education in a personal developmental setting.
  • Adventure Solutions aspire to uphold our guiding principles through utilizing sound theoretical knowledge and experience in a passionate manner, respecting ourselves and others and acting with integrity in any situation.
  • We recruit employees with exceptional ability, character and dedication. Our employees are our most valuable asset and are provided with motivation, opportunities for growth and attractive remuneration.
  • To serve our customers, employees and society's needs, we will provide our services at a fair profit. The company will conduct its operations prudently in order to ensure long term growth.

Our Offerings

  • Corporate Teambuilding Interventions
  • Adventure Based Learning
  • Adventure Training & Outdoor Education
  • Leadership & Adventure Camps for Young & Old
  • Extreme Adventures
  • Adventure & Educational Tours
  • Accommodation & Catering
  • Creativity Workshops….

A Unique Service

At Adventure Solutions we are proud to admit that we still believe in traditional customer service and plain good fashioned hospitality. Our key focus is to ensure clients receive an excellent service without any lengthy administrative hassles. We aim to exceed in all areas, providing clients with excellent value for money and something unique that can be cherished long after our service is completed. We are delighted to inform that all our offerings include:

  • Professionalism
  • Experienced-Specialists
  • Fun
  • One-Stop Service
  • Above Industry Standards

The Concept 

Adventure Solutions are primarily focused on exceeding client expectations. We start our journey towards service excellence with an in-depth needs analysis after which we create a unique master plan based on sound theory and practical experience. The plan is then communicated back to the client for feedback and final changes. Our exceptional ability to flawlessly implement and execute your offering on the big day is set into motion.  Continuous communication and feedback with clients ensures our journey towards service excellence is achieved every time!! Whether we are providing a recreational abseil or developmental corporate intervention we are geared towards providing an outstanding experience.


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