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Who we are 

Loko Adventure Solutions is based in Pretoria and is managed and operated by its two adventure enthusiast owners, William Graham and Philip van Niekerk. We are a reliable service provider within the Education and NGO sector operating mostly in Gauteng and North-West Province. We specialise in Outdoor Based Education and Fun days for schools, churches and NGO's.

What we believe in

We believe in enriching the mental attitude of young people through outdoor based learning in an adventurous environment. We aim to change and develop the mental mind frame of individuals, to explore unity together, to improve team friendship and respect and build character. We use fun, adventurous activities and reflective sessions in a relaxed bushveld setting to enhance this experience where the mundane school or home environment is not present.

What we do

  • Leadership Identification and Development
  • Team building
  • Father/Son and Mother/Daughter Camps
  • Team Closing Parties
  • Fun Days 

We are mobile, so we can facilitate our activities anywhere from Pretoria, Johannesburg to Rustenburg and more!


For teachers this is a perfect breakaway from the school classroom. Take a stroll through the bushveld, enjoy the birdlife, read a book or two, catch up on some assessment, visit nearby attractions or join in the fun while Adventure Solutions' team take care of the children.


Our mobility allows us to operate at various group and youth campsites or at your school or nearby location cutting prices wherever possible. We can provide camps ranging from very basic to very luxurious depending on client needs.


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