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Educational Activities

Out of experience and discussion with teachers, it is clear that there is still a need for educational outdoor-based programs, which is based upon specific learning areas and outcomes. This knowledge has been strengthened by the assessor courses we have attended. The activities that participants complete also comply with assessment standards.

Afrikaans / English

  • Meeting: Learn meeting procedures in a practical, fun way


  • Comparisons:Series of practical problems (Water, weight and Hanoi Towers)
  • Compareand evaluate geometric puzzles and Tan grams.
  • Build3D-Models. Various models with wire, matches and Meccano etc. (Car, houseand bridge), (Integration: Technology).
  • Enlargementson grid paper.
  • Learnbasic map work and time zones.
  • Datahandling. Various research projects regarding fellow camper's perception.

General Science


Scientific experiments are used to explain basic scientific principles. Time is also spent on practical theory.

  • Builda Solar Oven, Kite, Parachute or paper glider.
  • Astronomy:Stargazing, Orientation,  and how tocount stars.
  • Climatology:The camper's unique weather station. (Rain meter, Thermometer …)
  • LivingOrganisms: Extract strawberries DNA.
  • LivingOrganisms: Compare Various Breakfast cereals iron volume.
  • Chemicalbindings: How to make the best bubble bath solutions.
  • Chemicalbindings: Make your own "silly putty".
  • Chemicalbindings: Make your own ph-indicator and test various household products
  • Energyproject: fun with rubberbands.
  • Structures:Build the highest and strongest towers. (Integration: Technology)
  • Structures:Build the strongest bridge. (Integration: Technology)
  • Livingorganism: identify trees, grasses, leaves and birds.
  • Livingorganism: Practical ecosystem game


  • Hikeon Christiaan de Wet trail at the camp-site.
  • Learnabout natures' medicines.
  • Buildclay animals and historical toys.
  • Roleplay a historical event.


  • Learnmore about the areas climate, plants, mountain ranges and how they areformed.
  • Learnmore about the areas exotic plants and their impacts on nature.
  • Howto minimise environmental impacts, such as erosion.
  • Practicalmap work.
  • Thecamps unique TV show: Our World

Art and Culture

  • Tribaland historical dances.
  • Dramatisea historical event.
  • Buildmusical instruments and compose your own song.
  • Visualarts: Batik, linen painting, potato press, collage and posters etc.

Life Orientation

  • Groupdynamics and personal development are continuously developed through allprograms.
  • Personalitytests
  • Sportgames: Volleyball, softball...
  • Rockclimbing
  • BasicMedical First Aid.
  • Healthydiet: Kilojoules day task.
  • Fitnessprogram: Practical weight control and muscle development.

Economic and Management Sciences

  • Invent apractical money generation project for you school and set up a budget.
  • Practicalproject: How to recycle or use raw materials to create an attractive finalproduct (candles, soap and recycling paper).
  • Practicalimplementation of various leadership styles in activities.
  • Our youngentrepreneurs must evaluate socio-economic data with Maslow's theory andstart their own business.
  • Practicalbusiness marketing with the marketing principles.
  • Businessanalysis using the SWOT principles


  • Design and buildvarious practical goods.(bridges, cars). (see general sciences andmathematics). 
  • Also see Science

Educational Outings

  • Maropeng
  • Sterkfontein Caves
  • Hartrao
  • Hartbeespoortdam zoo
  • Hartbeespoortdam aquarium
  • De Wildt Cheetah Project
  • Van Gaalen Cheese farm
  • Lesedi cultural village
  • Elephant Sanctuary Park


Adventure Activities

  • Abseil
  • Paintball with ketties
  • Target shooting
  • Kleilat
  • Rock climbing
  • Discover Scuba
  • Slack line
  • Stalk the lantern
  • Mud wrestling
  • Obstacle racing
  • Survival and camouflage
  • Hiking
  • Camping in the bush

Courses (Qualified Instructors)

  • Scuba (CMAS)
  • Survival
  • Mountain biking
  • First Aid
  • Self-defense
  • Adventure racing


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