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Funday Fundraisers

Does your school or community need to raise funds? No need to worry, just contact Adventure Solutions!!

Adventure Solutions can easily turn an unforgettable fun day event into a successful fundraising project. We will plan, organise and execute the whole fun day, facilitators, equipment, catering ...everything!! We believe providing a unique and excellent value for money service to each participant is the key to a successful fun day-fundraiser.

We will charge the school a very reasonable cost, in-turn the school can determine their own selling price to participants and raise some funds in the process.  We are open for any possibilities to reduce costs e.g. teachers as facilitators, personal music system etc.

All we need from the school is premises and participants.

A fun day event for 350 kids could look something like this:




Meet & Greet


Intro Briefing and Team Identification (In fun day spirit teams will receive face paint and an opportunity to create unity in the team!!)


Activities Begin


Team 1 & 2: Crazy Canvassing


Team 3 & 4: Jump Castle & Hula Challenge


Team 5 & 6: Wacky Olympics


Team 7 & 8: Icebreakers


Teams Rotate between activities


Activities continue...




Teams Rotate between activities


Activities continue...


Watermelon War!!!


Prize Giving.


Please browse through our fun day programmes or view our fun day promo to get a better idea of what we can do!! Feel free to contact us for a full list of activities!!


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