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Community Development Offerings


ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS offers Youth Camps and Workshops covering Child Protection themes of your choice, Self Development, HIV Prevention Education, Adventure Activities, Leadership Development, Basic Life Skills and Consultation. ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS is also a specialist in Fundays and Teambuilding activities to lighten your spirits and bring back the enthusiasm that your staff and OVC so desperately need in this demanding sector. These programmes were designed keeping in mind the government's National Action Plan (NAP) and the new Children's Amendment Act (41 of 2007) which is sure to satisfy your donor or organisational needs.  ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS can custom design programmes to help our clients reach their targets. Activities can be conducted continuously throughout the year.  The services can be facilitated by Adventure Solution's professional staff and other experts when required.

Target group:

Adventure Solutions's target group are all NGO's, NPO's and CBO's operating within South Africa who work with Orphaned and Vulnerable children(OVC) in all urban, semi urban and rural communities across South Africa. ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS strives to provide all children with an opportunity to experience fun and adventure whilst educating them on current and relevant topics to capacitate and assist them to develop to their full potential. Our programmes are excellent for motivating your young leaders and beneficiaries within your organisation. 

Our Motivation:

Adventure Solutions has been involved with NGO's by providing Fundays, Accommodation, Catering, Leadership Development, Camps and Consultation and through these services has come to realise that there is a substantial need for assistance to NGO's in terms of South Africa's OVC and other previously disadvantaged groups.  These services form part of ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS's Social Investment initiatives. ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS has extensive experience in facilitating fun and interactive camps and workshops.

ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS wishes to assist NGO's and lighten the pressure they experience as a result of their donors' and sponsors' strict requirements. ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS complies with all legal aspects, provides programmes which comply with donor and government requirements and has a Child Protection Policy in place.  This makes it easier for NGO's to plan and implement activities in order to count these activities towards their targets while at the same time providing a quality and fun service which is of value to your beneficiaries.


ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS is mobile and able to conduct the above mentioned activities anywhere in South Africa, providing that there is enough space to accommodate the group and activities.  Camps can be conducted at a variety of camp sites.  Clients can choose between basic and luxury sites and menus. 


ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS gives special consideration to its clients when coming to these services.  ADVENTURE SOLUTIONS is able to customise a package that will suit any NGO's need and budget.  


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