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Welcome to Adventure Solutions Corporate Adventures & Team Development offerings, please browse through our company profile, general information and most popular activities and feel free to contact us for any further queries or a specialized-quote!!

Unique Corporate Antidotes

Adventure Solutions recognizes that each company is unique; and that each company requires a different team development strategy and underlying outcomes to be successful. We are constantly designing team events and adventures focused on different levels of development. Whether we are providing a recreational team development event or adventure (aimed at fun), intermediate level team development event (aimed at communication) or high-level team alignment with your companies' top-management (aimed at strategic cohesion) we will ensure your desired outcomes is achieved. We are also experienced in industry specific teambuilding interventions and can create a team development scenario specially focused on your business!!

Our Approach

Adventure Solutions are thorough believers that team development is a process with various elements. We believe a novel setting which stimulates the individual, and equally challenges the team, creates the basis for effective team development. When teams venture into unknown territory, valuable team experiences and opportunities for team alignment occurs. Our team development offerings provide measurable outcomes, with real end results.


We pride ourselves in our ability to match client needs with highly successful team development events. We cherish the fact that we provide each client with a unique intervention; specially created. We are continuously creating new team events focused on fun, but can easily call upon our business psychologists and professional facilitators to change your event into an in-depth team alignment strategy. Various instruments can be used to assess corporate culture and climate. In depth interviews or questionnaire's can be customized towards various business sectors, ensuring a team intervention specifically focused on client needs.

The Concept 

Various methods can be used to achieve a successful team development intervention. Our team development activities are structured to ensure a measurable outcome, have fun and be rewarding, which results in a successful teambuilding day. Our team development activities are designed to improve specific team working skills; these activities can be provided with or without facilitation. However, we strongly believe stimulating individuals in a fun and novel team environment creates lasting camaraderie and synergy within a team.

Our Team Development Interventions include:

  • Developing working relationships
  • Improving the performance of the team

A Complete Service

  • Our service is aimed at providing acomplete experience ensuring a hassle-free Corporate Adventure. We willtake care of all the necessary arrangements including venues, activities,refreshments etc...
  • Our Corporate Adventures can beconducted at various venues, depending on guest requirements andtime-constraints.
  • We offer uncut or edited DVD's withpersonal photos or videos of clients conquering team challenges andactivities (On request).
  • We provide all the necessary equipmentand instructors.
  • No previous experience is needed toconduct any of the activities described, however; certain activities dorequire a adequate level of fitness and an ability to take a leap offaith.
  • All guests may be asked to sign anindemnity and assumption of risk agreement before commencement of theactivity.
  • All bookings is subject to availabilityand group sizes


We can provide most of our teambuilding experiences at any venue. Our service includes arranging everything for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a full list of possible venues

Adventure Based Learning 

Adventure Solutions can construct a variety of adventure activities to have a profound effect on your everyday live. Group discussions and various other processing techniques are used to help individuals apply activity lessons back to their everyday lives.

Adventure activities offer a variety of challenges for every skill level. Individuals can explore issues such as maintaining a positive attitude, risk taking, goal setting and cooperation among peers. Through a series of adventure activities of increasing difficulty and challenge, individuals are encouraged to draw on their inner resources and to use assets brought to the group by the individual in order to create synergy in the team.

Any adventure activity can be transformed into a powerful learning experience including: Target shooting, canoeing, challenge courses, abseiling, rock climbing, scuba diving, bungee & bridge jumping, orienteering, hiking and wilderness survival.

Why Teambuilding Activities are so effective? 

  • Equality: A Novel experience where all participants are equal intheir knowledge.
  • Developing relationships quickly: The communication and effortrequired to meet challenges, develops relationships quickly.
  • Disequilibrium: Prior experience isn't as relevant in thisenvironment, which allows the group to organize itself around thechallenge.
  • Projective technique: The group projects their skills and abilitiesonto the experience.
  • Decreased time-cycle: The space between the project and theoutcomes are compressed, consequences can be easily examined and improved.
  • Meta learning: The group evaluates their own performance.
  • Safe environment: Groups experience disorder and changingrequirements for success in a safe environment, where the consequences offailure are limited.
  • Kinaesthetic imprint: Experiential learning is an anchor forcognitive material. Whole body learning of cognitive principles occurs,because the learning is graphic and involves physical, mental andbehavioral dimensions.
  • Common language: The experience provides a common language whichcan be related to other environments.
  • Perceived risk: The experiences encourage participants to take newrisks, try on new roles and make mistakes with no danger or cost.
  • Diversity of strengths: Activities are designed to include avariety of elements, highlighting interdependence and diversity within theteam.
  • Fun: A Powerful aspect of effective learning isfun!!


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