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Team Energizers

Our Team Energizers provide participants with an opportunity to simultaneously relax and energize the mind. These activities will lighten your teams' spirit, increase trust, communication and camaraderie within your team. Energizers are perfect during highly demanding conferences or planning sessions. These events can also be transformed into specialised team development sessions.

Duration: 1hour to 5hour sessions.

Activities can be hosted indoors or outdoors.

Awkward Athletics

Awkward Athletics is a highly energetic fun event which can develop the athlete in all of us. Teams will battle it out between our unique track & field activities to become the national company athletes.

This event is specifically designed for the athlete and non athlete alike. A combination between mental, physical and teamwork ability will see teams bond, communicate and laugh together like never before.

This event promises to create an interesting common language and lots of laughs between co-workers.

Dancing Delicacy...

Not everyone has rhythm, but everyone can dance to a beat. Free the Patrick Swayze in you, move those hips and dance your way to confidence! Whatever your age or fitness level, this activity will provide you with dancing skills you are sure to show off at your next party. Choose between social line dancing, cultural African dancing and gumboots or sensual salsa or tango.

Music Superstar

You either love music or you are absolutely crazy about it. Raise the bar on the normal karaoke challenges and entice other teams and judges with hits from all eras or original pieces performed expertly by you or your team. To increase the enjoyment and performance, teams are provided with makeup, costumes and props. Losers are eliminated as only one winner remains.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Intrigue and drama are part of this thrilling activity where teams have to strategize and use logic to identify a mystery killer by tracking clues and using a process of elimination. A dinner follows where teams can reflect and relax. One of our popular activities.

Are You The Sharpest Scissor?

Ever wondered how you or your team members would fair in a game show where wit, talent, genius or pure luck would be tested? Then this is your chance. Join your team to outsmart other teams in a game of general knowledge, music quizzes or mathematics manias. Much laughter is sure to be part of the day as teams' battle it out and share embarrassing moments that will have you talking for years.

Designer Label

Redesign your company's logo, slogan and even what they stand for according to you, the employee. See how different people view the company in an effort to improve existing company success.

Your view may change the face of your company. Using only a paintbrush, some paint and your artistic, business-minded skills, impress your fellow employees or discover your true vision for the company.

Deep Freeze

A combination of our best icebreaker and tone-setter activities all in one. This one is guaranteed to lift the spirits and raise a lot of smiles. Teams are fast-tracked with this action packed teambuilding intro.

News @ LOKO

What is new at your company? What's better than a fast paced live production to get the country on track?

Each team will be given a company oriented objective to report on the news. Will it be the weather, financial indicators or sport? A truly epic activity which requires headlines and ad-breaks to fit into the bigger picture before the cameras can role.

The News @ LOKO is a fun activity, where competitors can be mocked and jokes be made, but can easily be transformed into a powerful teambuilding and strategic planning session.

Would you prefer creating a newspaper; complete with front page news, photos and classifieds? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Fashion TV

Here is your chance to showcase the fashionista in you. Work together as a team to design and produce your own fashion runway special. Whether you're creating a company fashion statement, corporate message or marketing your brand, sharing a common goal will be vital. Excellent planning and effective management will be necessary to beat the clock. Are we what we wear?

With some interesting props, music for background and killer company models to show off the creations, this activity promises to be filled with laughter, amazement and full-on enjoyment.

Calvin who?


Tired of boring advertisements on TV? Why not test your innovative spirit with this exciting challenge?

Target a specific audience, deliver a clear cut message and create a grabbing ad that you would be proud to watch. Experience the drama and frustration associated with coming up with catchy ideas and refining your script within time constraints. Soon you'll realize planning, teamwork and effective project management is of the essence to achieve your goal.

Equipped with a video camera and props, your team is sure to have some fun!


Splash out with this thirst quenching activity! Great in summer!

One blender, some fruit, ice cream, juice and a group of people and the result is an array of creative juices with tantalizing names and loads of eager testers.

Which teams' smoothie will launch into the African market as a new best selling drink? Is it appearance, marketing or taste that will see you rise to the top? This exciting activity requires teams to create and launch a new product in a day. Teams will need to collaborate and negotiate as many decisions need to be made.

Let the tasting begin!!

Other Energiser Activities Include:

  •  Firing up Fondue
  •  Circus Skills
  •  Karaoke
  •  Drumming
  •  Quiz & Themed evenings
  •  Self Defence
  •  Model Building


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