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Dynamic Team Initiatives

Our dynamic team initiatives are sure to be fun and rewarding; here teams will get stuck in a bit deeper, identifying different roles within the team. The essence and importance of a successful team will reveal itself whilst teams manage creative projects, solve problems and deliberate.

Duration: 2hour to 8hour sessions

Activities can be hosted indoors or outdoors.

Enormous Inflatables

Rediscover the child in you and have awesome, wacky fun with this activity. Maneuver your way in, out, over, under and through giant crazy inflatable jumping castles, slides and other obstacles. Enjoy Giant foozball or opt for a game of inflatable soccer. Either way, you are in for loads of laughter and fun.

Zany Zoo Challenge

Enjoy animal watching and competitive games all in one. Get your team to work their way through challenges and activities from one animal cage to the next. The first teams to arrive will taste reward… It's always exciting to monkey around out of the office

Community Work

For an unforgettable and soul feeding experience, engage with a community centre to assist the vulnerable. This activity promises to touch your heart and leave you thinking for days. Choose between Animal rescue centres, Old age homes, NGO's, orphanages, disadvantaged schools, Homes for the disabled or Nursing homes.

Crazy Canvassing

Collaborate with your team in an effort to outdo and outsmart Picasso. Bring your talent and creativity to the game and enjoy true freedom of expression.

Each team receives a canvass, paint, paintbrushes together with instructions and a theme onto which they have to paint an idea that will in the end link in with the other teams to create one unique masterpiece. Crazy Canvassing will demonstrate how important every member of the team is to the whole, whilst increasing small group communication and creative thinking.

Let's create a visual explosion of creativity and genuine combination of outgoing perspectives.

Director's Cut

Playing out familiar scenes from famous movies is something everyone is familiar with. Why not reconstruct some all time famous scenes with your team to present to the rest of your group at the awards ceremony.

Each team member will play their role, in front and behind the camera, realizing the necessity of precision and intense workload behind the scenes. This activity will get the small group to plan, solve problems, create and communicate towards a common goal.

Video camera in hand and director in chair, this has proven to be an excellent teambuilding activity effort and brilliant exercise for movie enthusiasts.

Hollywood here we come!

Daiquiri Galore

Mix excitement, juices, alcohol and creativity and you end up with exotic cocktails conjured up by your team mates for the enjoyment and comments by all.

Special care should be taken when naming the cocktails as this forms part of the overall assessment of the activity. Balancing the flavours and strength of the drinks is a refined task mastered only by few.

Focusing on communication and giving voice to all team members' opinions, this activity contributes to the overall performance of your team in a subtle but definite way.

Adults only

Chef de Partie

Try to outdo the other teams with your culinary skill and creative display of appetizing meals. Equipped with utensils, ingredients and your taste buds, you can let the Jamie Oliver in you jump out and cook up a storm.

But don't be overeager. This is an activity that needs careful planning and a clear end objective since you only get one chance to blow the others away with your recipe.

Teams will be graded according to specific criteria by an independent panel where after all the team players get to taste and appreciate the others' dishes.

Come experience a burst of flavour and fun!

Other Team Dynamic Activities Include:

  •  Raft building
  •  Go-Kart building
  •  Low Ropes course
  •  Workshops (Sales, Leadership, Body language)
  •  What cha ma call it?
  •  Croquet, Ring Tennis, Bowling, Jukskei
  •  Game Shows
  •  Family fun days & Sports days
  •  Business Simulations (Sales 101)
  •  African Crafts
  •  Meccano Madness


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