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Jun 04

Leadership Development with horses















WHISPERING LEADERS WITH THE HORSES OF RIBBOKKLOOF is a Leadership Development programme that unlocks potential, transforms communication skills and translates knowledge into action through interventions that are innovative, effective and out of the box. We combine horse whispering and non-directive teaching in a powerful learning experience through which students can explore and expand their leadership capabilities. This is a highly specialised leadership development programme which uses human and animal interaction as a means for personal and team development.

Did you know??

  • A horse can indicate who does everything by the book and who doesn’t?
  • A horse can mirror your personality?
  • A horse can tell who the plan makers are and who are the watchers?
  • A horse can instantly show the efficiency of a group?



Horses provide an opportunity to look at a person’s character on neutral ground. A horse doesn’t have any preconceived ideas of someone or a group; they don’t role play. The main communication of a horse is through body language and therefore the horse analyses a person on his/her behaviour. This sort of communication provides instant, honest, and accurate feedback on how we are behaving around them, and in essence behaving around people. If you want a horse to follow, you need to demonstrate true leadership capabilities. This enables individuals to discover new characteristics unknown to them.

As with different personality types among humans, horses also have different personality types. Some are very dominant, while others are shy and even boisterous. In the world of horses a strong hierarchy is present and it is easy to observe and learn from their leaders and followers.

The interaction of horses and individuals and the pairing of opposite personalities shift the paradigms and create a new dimension and platform for workshops, filled with leadership topics which can be addressed in the school and home environment. Interacting with horses requires the same personal qualities as leading people - qualities such as vision, focus, intention, energy, empathy and influence.

“I can’t believe this! What an amazing feeling, this big strong creature is following me, and I am only a little kid”. – Anne Shushter

Fun interactive games are used to facilitate the connection between horse and human. This is facilitated in a relaxed environment under the watchful eye of the HORSE WHISPERER. Individuals and teams are put in a realistic situation where you as teacher and facilitator can identify unique qualities of individuals and teams when handling certain situations. This interaction does not only highlight specific outcomes among the teams, but gives each individual a sense of acceptance, belonging and self-value.

We combine personal and leadership outcomes with group-dynamic games to further enhance the experience and outcomes, where new solutions can be tested for leadership development.

Better understanding of Individuals Personalities among Teams + the Team Goal Setting = Work Productivity.


  • Each child builds a relationship with his/ her horse.
  • Activities with other farm animals.
  • Programme takes place at The Ribbokkloof Eco-Tourism Centrum & Lodge.
  • Accommodation in self-catering chalets (3 star equivalents).
  • The venue also consists of 4x4 track, fishing, quad biking, Green –Flag hiking trail, mountain biking and much more.
  • The Lodge is popular for its Horse Show Jumping Clinic and Bonsmara Stud bulls.
  • Three or four days. Group size 10-30.


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