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Jun 13



What an amazing experience!! Scuba diving on a beautiful riff should definitely be one of the top 5 tick boxes 'On things to do before i die' on everyone's list. Photos and videos can't describe the amazing scenery, creativity and complexity of underwater live as you would see it with your own eyes.

After presenting two CMAS Open Water 1 Star Scuba Diving courses, the qualified divers of Loko Adventure Solutions went to do Sodwana Bay recently to do there first ocean dives. We stayed at Triton Dive Lodge, where Peter Timm who was one of the founders of the Coelacanth took us out onto Two Mile Reef. There we did our dives, 5 times, each time more beautiful then the previous dive!

A big thanks to Louis, Adventure Solutions own dive instructor for all his teachings and enthusiasm and Triton Dive Lodge for the hospitality. We will be back there again at the end of October!!


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